What's a Ball Transfer?

What's a Ball Transfer?

ISB “Ball up” Ball Transfer consists of a large ball that sits upon small balls encapsulated in a hemispherical cup. Small balls roll smoothly in clearance upper area of hemispherical cup enables large ball to roll smoothly upon small balls.

"Ball down" Ball Transfers, small balls circulates inside the bilayer structure.
Ball up and Ball down ball transfers are designed to give a superior performance when they are used properly the way they are designed otherwise degrade its performance.

Ball Transfer

What is the difference between Cleanroom type and ISB type ball transfers?

Cleanroom ball transfers are invented, designed, and are used for FPD, PV manufacturing equipments to align and position glass substrates and wafers. They perform well under high temperature, inside process chamber, vacuum chamber and other cleanroom applications.
ISB type (General type) ball transfers are designed for variety of applications including conveyor lines shipbuilding, home appliance manufacturing factories, heavy load material handlings equipments, and other variety of applications.

For “ISR” pneumatic air ball lifters please refer to ISR air ball lifer technical page.


Example usage of ball transfers.

As shown in below pictures, ball transfers are used in rotating and changing the direction in conveyor lines. Also as a castor or guide in conveyor lines and so many other applications.

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