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Representative Director : Kaoru Iguchi

Representative Director : Kaoru Iguchi

"Quality First"

Our company's policy is to create the highest quality products.
Iguchi Kiko has grown from a small supplier of precision bearings, to one of the largest manufacturerof Ball Transfer and Turn Tables in the country and all around the world. While many businesses are failing due to the economic crises our company expanded and prospered. Recognized as "Quality First" Company, prides itself as a leading manufacturere of Ball Transfers with extensive experiance in vast applications from Automotive, FPD, Photovoltaic, Food Plants, Medical, construction and so many other applications. Total customer satisfaction is our mission.

We are Ball Transfers and Car Turn Table manufacturing company, with modern facility and state of the art manufacturing capabilities including laser cutting, NC, robotic welding, and custom made manufacturing capabilities, many standard products with unique ability to quickly modify and customize our products in a very short time.
Ball Transfer Units are used as a part of conveyor or material handling system to enable light and heavy loads to be moved or transferred smoothly in 360 direction. Also ball units are used for loading/feeding machines, pnumatic stamping die changing air ball lifters, moving articles/materials, as an alternative to a castor, or in a form of linear operation, they have become an integral component in all industries and provide an important and essential service and solution.

Major Clients

  • Semiconductor production equipment and Peripherals manufacturer
  • Various FPD ( LCD PDP Organic EL FED/SED Others )
  • Manufacturing device And Peripherals manufacturer
  • JR group
  • Government and municipal officials and each university research laboratories
  • Car manufacturing and various parts production manufacturers
  • Various multistory parking lot production manufacturers
  • Various heavy industries and peripherals manufacturers
  • Various steelmaking plant manufacturers
  • Various machine tool manufacturers
  • Various press device manufacturers
  • Various conveyer manufacturers
  • Various food production device manufacturers
  • Various optical equipment manufacturers
  • Civil engineer manufacturer
  • Airport equipment production manufacturer
  • Nuclear power plant device production manufacturer



Tokyo Head Office / Nerima Factory
  1-20-7, MinamiOhizumi, Nerima-ku, Tokyo-to, 178-0064, JAPAN
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  TEL : +81-3-3923-1211
  FAX : +81-3-3923-8100

ISB Head Office
Nerima Factory

Osaka Branch Office
  6-1-11, Kumata, HigashiSumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, 546-0002, JAPAN
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  TEL : +81-6-6710-2111
  FAX : +81-6-6710-1117
  ISB Oosaka Branch Office
Nagoya Office
  1-34-601,NoritakeHondouri, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 453-0017, JAPAN
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  TEL : +81-52-486-7557
  FAX : +81-52-486-7565
Fukuoka Office
  5-10-13-701, Hakataekiminami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken, 812-0016, JAPAN
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  TEL : +81-92-482-3711
  FAX : +81-92-482-3700
Fuchu Factory
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  5-40, Yotsuya, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo-to, 183-0035, JAPAN
  TEL : +81-42-361-8783
  FAX : +81-42-360-7899
  Fuchu Factory
  64-5 Mangwol-ri Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-Si, Gyunggi-Do, 445-330, KOREA
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  TEL : +82-31-203-1570
  FAX : +82-31-203-1548
■ISB (Thailand) CO.,LTD.
  212/47 Ratchap ruckRoad, Bangchak, Phasricharoen,Bangkok 10160
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  TEL : +66-2-4086417
  FAX : +66-2-4086417
  ISB (Thailand) CO.,LTD.
  6F-1, No.888, Ching Kuo Road, Taoyuan, 330, TAIWAN
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  TEL : +886-3-250-0451
  FAX : +886-3-317-6348


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