Customized Turn Table

Customized Turn Table

We make a study of your demand to provide suitable product because the requirement for product specification has become diverse.
Our consistent service, design, manufacturing, installation, enables to realize particular orders.
Thus ISB Turn Tables has high quality and have been working with various companies around the world.

All of our knowledge as to technology, production-method, installation-method, is reflected.
Therefore we will deal with severe requirement.

Our experience (example)

φ1916 6ton   For Manufacturing line  
φ2000 2ton With carriage    
φ3500 15ton With rail For direction change  
φ4000 1ton   For laser machining Circumferential velocity 70m/min
φ5000 7ton   For design evaluation of automobile  
φ6000 5ton   For inspection of automobile  
φ6000 7ton With roller conveyor For an equipment in airport  
φ6710 2.8ton   For stage set  
φ8000 10ton Indexing Table large size Production line  
φ12000 20ton Turntable top plate For inspection Ministry of land and infrastructure safety R&D center

Example of customized turntables

Example of customized turntablesFor electromagnetic compatibility room
For film For film set
Electromagnetic measuring deviseElectromagnetic measuring devise
φ 2000 - 600kg  12rpm
Snow domeSnow dome
Rotating snow dome (fantasy show display)
For trackFor track
Safely rotates tracks (blind-corner to avoid accidents)
φ5500 - 8.5t
Wagon turnaroundWagon turnaround
automotive company
φ2000 - 4t
Automatic welding lineAutomatic welding line
Welding line wagon turnaround
□3500 - 12t
Wagon turn aroundWagon turn around
Assembly process 1
Wagon turn aroundWagon turn around
Assembly process 2

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