ISR Type Air Ball Lifter Technical Information

Please refer below for characteristic of cleanroom type "ISR-C", general type "ISR" and "ISR-T" Pneumatic air ball lifters.

What is an Air Ball Lifter?

ISR Series pneumatic Air Ball Lifters have a unique construction - a combination of a high precision-machined ball transfer with an air cylinder.
This unique device uses compressed air to lift a load/tool from the table surface position and rotate it in any 360 degree direction in a horizontal plane, an economical and labor saving unit. Roll on - Roll off facility dramatically reduces tool changeover times.


  • Dramatically reduces tool changeover times.
  • Eliminates tool and press bed damage.
  • Allows accurate tool positioning.

ISR Air Ball Lifters are designed to facilitate rapid tool change on any type of press / machine. When in the raised position, the balls protrude above the bed level allowing the tool to be rolled onto the bed and positioned accurately.
When clamping is carried out the balls retract, lowering the tool onto the press bed. When clamping is released the balls lift the tool, allowing it to be rolled from the press.

Air Ball Lifter

What is Air Ball Lifter initial starting coefficient of friction?
Air Ball Lifter

Calculated lifting capability with combination of selected ball transfers in addition to precision machined enables starting coefficient of friction less than 2 percent even maximum load is applied.
For instance when the smoothness of an article bottom in contact with a ball transfer is equivalent to SS400 steel, 200 kg load can be conveyed or rotated only by 4kg force.

How to choose an air ball lifter.

There are three kinds of air ball lifters:
38mm width for light load, 50mm width for medium load and double piston type for heavy load.
Besides ISR type there is three kinds of ISR-T slot type air ball lifters are also available.

Air Ball Lifter

How to choose the length

Each Ball transfer has independent cylinder, please refer below for the pitch sand length.

  • ISR Model = 50 mm pitch
  • ISR-C Model = 50 mm pitch
  • ISR-18T Model = 80 mm pitch
  • ISR-22T Model = 90 mm pitch
  • ISR-28T Model = 120 mm pitch

You can connect as many if there is no limitation in time for compressed air charge/discharge. You can create a long block of over 1m mechanically connecting two or more air ball lifters by adding 50mm blocks.


▲Withstanding pressure :
0.9 MPa (9.18 kgf/cm^2)

▲Working pressure range :
0.05 - 0.6 MPa (0.51 - 6.12 kgf/cm^2)

▲Operating temperature range :
-5 - 80℃

▲Using fluid :
Air and inert gas ( no filling up )

Recommended circuit drawing
■1. Ordinary circuits without any descending

Ordinary circuits without any descending

In this circuit layout , the cargo does not descend if each ball load is less than the table as follows.
In that case forced descending is required by reducing the pressure using circuit layout2.
  • ISR-38 Type : 50 N ( 5.1 kgf )
  • ISR-50S Type : 70 N ( 7.2 kgf )
  • ISR-50D Type : 70 N ( 7.2 kgf )
■2. Foeced descending circuit

Foeced descending circuit

Notice : In case of using an electoromagnetic valbe, control the descending time by timer and then return to the central position.

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