New Products

IS-30D Type Ball Transfer

Overhaul and Wash hole Type

UM-16B IS-30D  IS-30D

■ Features of IS-30D Ball transfer
Drop-in type, low profile.
Smooth rotation with wash hole long life.
Can overhaul with easy maintenance

UM-16B Type Ball Transfer

In-built spring, stamping type ball transfer

UM-16B UM-16B  UM-16B

■ Features of UM-16B Ball transfer
Low-cost, in-built spring with cushioning ability enables easy product self-leveling
regardless of bottom surface shape of article distributes load evenly on all units
with easy installation.

ISCHA Type Ball Transfer

Vacuum mechanism brake type Ball Transfer
ISCHA series


■ The futures of ISCHA Ball Transfers
Smooth airflow, prevents turbulences
Clean and oil free mechanism
Based on ISC clean room ball transfer technology
Innovative technology next generation ball transfer
Particle reduction technology by vacuuming
An innovative form with less ball friction

IPK Type Ball Transfer

Ball down, castor type ball transfer, first time in the industry
Good for places where steel cannot be used.


■The future of IPK
All resin ball down type with great cost performance for down ward applications
Medical, food plants, clean rooms and applications where steel cannot be used.

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